Wednesday, February 25, 2009

An exerpt from my book.

I began writing a book back in 2002 during the first time I was separated from my soon to be ex. Long troubles and lack of courage. Anyway I wanted to write an exerpt and let people read it and give some feedback about whether it is enjoyable enough or just mindless rantings of a mad, bitter, white woman! These are all my opinions and thoughts, I have done no research except that which I have collected from my own life...Tis all "the world according to me". Experience is a heck of a good teacher though!

Warning Doesn't Work!

How many times have you told a child, or a childish person for that matter, the best advice that you had to offer only to have them turn their back on it? Why is that? I think that if they don't grasp the concept of what you are attempting to tell them, it just falls on deaf ears or bounces off of their ego and floats off into the "good advice" realm. But one day gravity will pull it back down when needed and it will ring in their ears like a the bells of the Cologne Cathedral in Germany. At least we hope. No, really. No matter how much you try to tell a young, impressionable girl that she shouldn't be with him because he's too controlling or possesive and that his criticism isn't the best foundation for a relationship, it doesn't hold the weight that her perception of reality does. You see, the hugs and kisses and the feelings of being desired are her reality. "I know, but....." is a common come back that reflects the fact that your words have all but dissapated before they reach her brain.
Just try to convince a girl that has never had a healthy, nurturing relationship with a man in her whole young life that she should give up her relationship and the attention and affection and resume her prior life as a lonely, love starved, single, alone, pathetic individual. Are you getting my point? It's probably not going to happen just because you want it to. Idealistically, we hope that our daughters, nieces, cousins, or friends have had some instilling of self worth and have had at least a little experience with what a healthy relationship with a man feels like. A girl needs interaction with those who want the best for her so she can know what that feels like when she reaches dating age.
With divorce being as wide spread as it is, many children-boys and girls-are growing up without fathers in the home. The boys lose the opportunity to see how to be a husband and how to treat a girl like a lady on a daily basis. The girls on the other hand, as I mentioned before, don't experience the initial male/female bonding dynamics. Where is a little girl going to learn what it feels like to be winked at innocently or told that she's beautiful or what it feels like to be treated like she's priceless?
No, no matter how much you feel like warning her of unhappiness and heartbreak, you must bite your tongue. What you will end up doing is having her avoid you and defend him and eventually she will be committing herself to this person because she has put up barriers between herself and those who truly love her. I am not talking about someone who is physically or verbally abusive in these cases. Those cases need more agressive intervention. I am talking about your basic not so good guy. The best thing you can do is to love her unconditionally and be there to listen when she comes home crying because he was unkind or she needs someone to talk to about how she feels. Listen to her. Let her talk. She just may tell herself all of the things you want to say, like what a jerk he is and that she doesn't deserve that. Just reassure her that you are there for her and for her to pay close attention to her feelings. If she's feeling like he's a total jerk 5 out of 7 days, she's bound to get tired of it and you will have been the supportive one through it all. Hopefully, that example of respect and caring from someone who truly unconditionally loves her will make her want that in her life.

Well, there you have a small exerpt from my book called, "A Voice from the Dust-from One who Bit it!" by Marissa Zegarra. I have written about 50-60 pages so far and want to write more and eventually have a professional take a look at it for publishing. I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to leave any comments. Later!

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