Monday, April 25, 2016

Your Reflection And You

The person you see when see your reflection is a beautiful being of potential perfection. You aren't here by chance..nope! That's a deception. You were born as a baby, but you might not remember. It could have been Summer or Spring or September. You were toothless and chubby, mostly sleepy...but oh so cuddly. You started out small, but that didn't last long, no not long at all, because something happened, and you started to grow, and you grew and you grew into the you we all know. You've got a brain in your head and fingers and toes. You see with your eyes and smell with your nose. Your hair may be brownish or reddish or pink and you may have a dimple on the side of your cheek. No matter your eye color, or where you might stay, you're just right, yes you are, and we love you that way. And the best thing of all is that you can be what you choose .. a teacher, a scientist, or invent flying shoes. So every time you see your reflection, smile and wave to the person you see, because you'll be together for awhile, maybe, yes, even possibly, a thousand one weeks! Just one more thing that I wanted to say, always be kind to others each day. They may not be exactly like you, and they may not want to invent flying shoes, but inside where it matters, yes, deep in our hearts, we all are the same and that's where love starts.

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