Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The wonderful Land of Oz

There's a place that I love... The people are Ozzies The mosquitos are mozzies. The forest is called "bush" and the outback don't serve steak, but there's a really great chance you'll see a striped snake. You'll hear "how ya goin" "cheers" "g'day" and "no worries". They play footy and rugby and netball and cricket. The sidewalk is a footpath, the driveway a carpark and stores are called shops...but get there by 5 because everything shuts. You don't rent movies or cars, you hire them, and I reckon you could hire a car and go to the cinema. I recommend you get a chocbomb when you go! They're yum, hey? A chicken is a chook and if you're sick you're crook. When you go running, you put on your runners and when you head to the beach, you wear your bathers and sunnies, but you may want to bring a jumper in case it gets cold. So, chuck it all in the boot and head to the beach! Don't forget to stop at the petrol station and fill your tank for about $1.60 per litre. A barbecue is always great at the beach! But you won't hear anyone tell you to throw a shrimp on the barbie... In Oz they're called prawns, but more likely you'll have a nice sausage sizzle. They eat sausage dogs not hot dogs, meat pies not pot pies, biscuits not cookies, lollies not candy, the French fries are chips and they're great with some fish. They also eat rock melon, coriander and capiscum, which you'll recognize when you see them and they're all delicious. So head to this wonderland down under! You'll want to stay there for ages and you'll have heaps of fun!! I <3 Australia!!! Cheers!

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