Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Love and be Lovable

Life is unpredictable with Neverending variables that seem sometimes too scariable. There are moments so incredible, you know, the ones indelible with friends that are delectable, collectible, respectable. We know that we are fallible, but perfectable, with challenges detectable. We strive to be teachable, reachable, and must be bendable and flexible on those days so quite perplexible. We search for those that are trustable, as this is just a mustable, while we sift through the pretendables, the endables, and "on their way" so sendables that treat us as expendables, in hopes of finding that one so loveable, huggable, kissable, keepable...that gives us joy so heapable. If we find one that is takeable, we give our heart so breakable. A risk? It's unmistakeable!! But With hopes of love unshakeable, and makeable, and not so very acheable. When you know for sure they're cleavable and never want to leavable, your lives become, well, weavable and if this sounds perceivable, then make it your achievable, because eternity is long, so make it great......no, make it UNBELIEVABLE!!!! :)

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