Tuesday, September 22, 2015

My Version of the Restoration

The Saviors elevation after his Church organization was not the termination of His gospel foundation. He left his apostolic administration, but eventual segregation lead to de-unification, doctrinal fragmentation, and truth disfiguration. The result - religious degeneration, and his apostles' assassinations brought apostasy causation and revelation cessation. Eventually came spiritual darkness for many generations. Later, a religious reformation and good men inspired to give us a bible translation. Colombus' inspiration began a maritime exploration... and in 1492 -The Discovery of a Nation! This was followed by a mass migration of those seeking religious liberation and Battles were fought for an Independence Declaration. In 1820, a young boy's spiritual contemplation and a James 1 quotation prompts a prayerful supplication. A Godly visitation! A miraculous conversation! What wondrous elation! Righteous determination, was Joseph's devotion and dedication, but some disbeliever hesitation brings adverse tribulations. A messenger tells of promised salvation and truth clarification in a record from an ancient nation, which lead to the excavation, translation, and publication. Spiritual renovation and rejuvenation! How firm a foundation! A gospel restoration in this last dispensation! Marissa Chapman Sept 2015

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